Christmas Market Trip to Koln, Germany

I would call this a major throwback post since the trip to Koln was a year ago. Before I lost too many pictures on my computer again, I get to write about this magical place. It was around late November on 2015, when I was still studying in Belgium. I googled about “Christmas Market in Europe” then what I got was this whole site about cities in Europe and they Christmas Market. When I googled the biggest Christmas market in Europe, Koln was one of them. I checked the website for Mega Bus (it’s the budget bus company that travel within European countries), then Voila! I got the very cheap ticket to go to Koln. Me and my friend, Shinta, were choosing the very first morning departure (we got to face the coldest day in Winter to get up and go out at around 3 degrees). It’s been a one day trip back and forth on the same day because we didn’t have the time to stay over in Koln. The trip from Brussel Nord Station to Koln Flughafen (Koln Airport) was around 2 hours straight. To get to the city center, where the Christmas Market was, we need to take the train. The train station was in the basement of the airport. We bought the 1-day trip train ticket so we wouldn’t need to buy another ticket to going back in the night. Here’s the picture of my trip to Koln just to hunt the food and the Christmas ambiance in Europe. It has been my dream to feel the Christmas spirit in the cold winter weather and also snow, just like in the movies. LOL.

So let’s start with the first place in Koln,  Koln-Bonn Flughafen. They really have such a nice airport and train stations.

This is the way in/out to get to the city center. We were waiting for our train. After that, we went straight to the first market that our eyes brought us to. Since they had like 7 different market all over the city, so, we didn’t really count which market is which.

I stuffed myself with various german food in only one day trip. LOL. As we arrived in Koln in the morning and went back in the evening on the same day. So, I had no other choice but tried out so much food in only one day! Haha. That was my main reason to do this trip in the first place. Food galoreeee is on track!

Most of the time, the german food was pork with various kind of bread, and also Sauerkraut (“finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria, including Leuconostoc, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus.”-from Wikipedia). But, if you didn’t eat pork like my friend here, you will be lucky enough to get another great food like grilled salmon (Oh, so good), Turkish kebab, or cheesy-Jeezy bread. Oh, the first thing that I can remember is the goodness of mulled wine. I quote the thing from the google, “Mulled wine is a beverage of European origins usually made with red wine along with various mulling spices and sometimes raisins. It is served hot or warm and is alcoholic, although there are non-alcoholic versions of mulled wine” -from Wikipedia. I heard they only sell Mulled wine during the Winter, so they used to called it Christmas wine or hot wine. Besides mulled wine, of course, we also tried the hot chocolate (we wanted to compare to Brussel’s famous hot chocolate). Kolner beer, Apple liquor (small shot got you a little bit tipsy, seriously.)

That was the best culinary trip of my life. I Love love love German food as much as I love pork. That was heaven for me.

Anyway, we also did walking around the city and took photos during the day and night, it was a glimpse of the city of Koln taken by my old iPhone 5. But it still looked good, though.

You can see that famous gothic church was behind the light of the market. One of the Christmas markets was located in front of the church. I didn’t get the chance to enter the gothic church since it’s too gothic for me. LOL. I never like anything gothic, if you know me you would know why! Haha.

So, here’s my Koln story, I promised that I will post more throwback stories and write about my good times in Europe. See you in my next post.


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