5 Things you regularly do when you are a student in Brussels

When you are a student of this capital city of Belgium, you gotta used to do these 5 things:

  1. Old buildings and parks are around you. Just walk around and within few meters, you will see some other parks or gardens. According to this sites ( Brussels has around 50 parks and gardens. However, since I lived in Ixelles, so my closest parks was Flagey and Bois de la Chambre. I wanna show you my walking/running view to the park near Flagey. Plus, you will see so many expensive houses (although they are really old buildings, somehow I’m not sure why they are so damn expensive)

2. You will be invited to some house party because having a party at the bar was too expensive (unless you go to the student bar which still cost you around 2 euros for a bottle of beer while it’s way cheaper if you buy it in the supermarket). But most of the time, what you do at a house party was cooking. You cook the food from your country and share it with your foreign friends just to show them how good or spicy or weird your traditional food is. I used to cook Rendang to my friends and they happened to like it. Oh, I also cooked them Indomie which they love so much. I was invited to an Indian food dinner made by Hungarian and Belgian friends of mine. Lol. They follow the recipes from google and here is the result.

3. You will go out after class to celebrate anything that you can celebrate (end of class, the first day of winter, someone’s birthday, end of the exam, etc) to your nearest bar. In Brussel, Bar is everywhere, so it’s not hard to find one. Celebrate with beer (they have like hundreds kind of beers) my favorite one was Kriek beer (made from cherry) from Lindemans. Damn it’s the best beer of my life. Other than Lindemans, I suggest you try the Hoegaarden Raspberry (the color is pink) it is also good. Hail the Belgian beers !!

4. You gotta love your campus because it surrounded by greeneries everywhere. Students used to do a picnic on their campus yard. Plus you will love the cafeteria because they serve the best and cheapest hot chocolate from Cecemel (my favorite chocolate drink brand) for only 1.5 euro.

When my uncle came to visit me, He insisted on taking photos in front of my campus.

5. You will visit grand place almost everytime when you have friend or family visiting you. Cause you just don’t know where else to go. Lol. Grand place is just the strong symbol of Brussel so when you got a visit you just bring them to Grand Place. On Christmas season, the grand place was soooo pretty. They have the light show every hour start from 6 pm. and it was beautiful. They also have a Christmas market in the central area of Brussel, and it’s held for 1 full month start from the end of November.

IMG_5774 (1)


This is the grand place when the light show begin. They change the color of the lights according to the music beat. Sometimes it’s blue, green, red, yellow, purple. So pretty. You gotta visit Grand place on Winter. Winter is always a special time of the year. Truly a festive season.

See you in my next post.


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