Winter’s Break at Barcelona


I captured the picture above using my old iPhone 5, but still, it looks amazing. You truly cannot underestimate the enchanting beauty of Barcelona.

It was the week after the winter Exam on the early week of February when my classmates/best friends and I decided to do our first trip together. We were a group of 5 students really needed to escape from the cold rainy days during the winter and we need to release the stressful tension during the full exam month in January. Yup! we decided to go to Barcelona! Since none of us happened to visit this city. So, why not! We got the flight ticket only for 24 euros for a return ticket from Brussel to Barcelona! Thanks to Ryan Air. This is the reason why I love traveling in Europe. My friend, Mike, booked a very nice hostel in Barcelona (with a very cheap price) only around 10 euros for a person staying for 4 nights. Which is amazing for student’s pocket. At first, i underestimated a hostel, but, this one got to steal my heart. Cause it’s simply cute and clean and so close to the city center!

The thing about Spain is, they have the prettiest, artsy buildings. It’s kinda different architecture compares to buildings in Paris, but this one is gorgeous.

One of the unique and well-known building is the unfinished (still on progress until 2018) bassilica, Sagrada Familia. The artist that create the architecture of this building was Antonio Gaudi, a well-known Spanish artist. The artist himself has passed away while the building was still under construction.

It will be one of the highest building in Europe when it’s done. Our tour guide said since this church is still in construction, so tourist needs to pay for the ticket to enter, but once it’s done. It will be completely free. No need to pay an entrance fee.

Barcelona also famous with its artificial beach. Our walking tour guide told us that its sands were bought from Egypt nad the coconut trees was bought from the US. Hmm. Quite interesting. But, it didn’t make the beauty of its beach any less. Too bad it was too cold for an Asian old lady like me to swim. Yea right! I put on my coat all day long, couldn’t bear to even soak my feet in the water. LOL. There were a lot of restaurant nearby the beach (most of the time they served Paella. The famous Spanish seafood rice. And the one that we took in one of the restaurants in La Rambla was the best one! The seafood platter was also tasty and fresh! We ate like a champion!

We were traveled around the city from La Rambla to the beach and also to a park nearby the zoo by Bike. Only cost us like 6 euros to rent.

Damn, it felt so good to be able to move from here and there by bike, so far this is the first time in Europe that I gotta move around the city by bike. Usually, it was just a map top map, busses, tram, MRT kinds of stuff trip. But, in Barcelona, we were getting lost together by our bike. Too happy!

Above picture were the activities at Park Guel, actually, it was only a park. But it well designed by the one and only Antonio Gaudi, so you can just familiarize yourselft with His design style. Most likely, it’s colorful, contains mozaic, and animals shape. So, we didn’t know what to do in Park Guel, so, we were just taking family pictures. Voila ! Lot’s of pictures of us.

So, here is my story from Barcelona. See you again in my next post.




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